Corrugated vs Cardboard Carton- Everything You Need To Know

It is usual to refer to any type of paper packing as cardboard cartons. We often synonymously talk about corrugated and cardboard cartons and all around the world. However, it is not the case. These two terms are mutually exclusive, different. The packaging companies use corrugated boxed for packing, those are not the cardboard boxes.

The Difference Between Two

When you are shipping your products, you must be aware of what the companies are using. Otherwise, you might lose your products and a lot of money in damages. You don’t want to ship your expensive, delicate things in cardboard boxeswithout any assurance. You should buy the best quality cardboard cartonsfrom the best manufacturer in Sydney.

When you say cardboard box, you are talking about heavy pulp of paper or thick paper stock. Greeting cards or cereal boxes are the ones you can refer to as cardboard boxes.

Corrugated boxes are made of carboards but they are not the same. These boxes have three layers- an inside liner, fluting with ruffled shape, and an outside liner. The fluting is the layer that runs in between the inside liner and the outside liner. These boxes have a high ratio of strength and weight, making them durable. Corrugated boxes are cost-effective and environmentally-safe. Also, they protect the product packed in them from damages that shipping might cause.

Uses of Cardboard Cartons

Well, you might not want to ship your products in cardboard boxes to Sydney but they are not useless. There are many products that are packed in these cartons. And you can use them for making many things like storage spaces, home decor and so on.

The cereal box is the cardboard carton and so is the cigarette box that you are holding. The milk cartons and drinks tetra packs are also made by the carboards. Another good thing about these boxes is they are recyclable. They can be re-used time and over again for making new cartons and boxes. This makes them environmentally-safe as well.

Some fun facts about cardboard and corrugated cartons

The USA produced the first corrugated box, that was available in the year 1895. However, until the early 1900s, they still used wooden crates for shipping. Today, people use corrugated cartons for shipping almost all the times.

Corrugated and cardboard cartons are very inexpensive to make and to ship and are light in weight. The materials used to make them are old newspapers, paper pulp, straws etc. These ingredients not only make them non-toxic but also biodegradable.

Corrugated boxes are also of different kinds. They provide a different level of protection to the product and comes at different prices. For example, single face cardboard is inexpensive but not as durable as others. The most commonly used carton is single wall board. Double wallboard is more resistant to breakage and hence is used for large industrial containers. And if you want to replace the wooden crate, you must go for triple wall board.

So, now you know if you are dealing with a cardboard carton in Sydney or corrugated carton. And when you are buying the cartons, you will know which one to buy for your need.

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