Common Questions about Using a Virtual Receptionist

With the rise of the internet and various technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer science, there are more new roles, both manual and automated, which are being defined as a virtual receptionist and/or a virtual administrative assistant. The first step in these endeavors is to define the term “virtual receptionist.”

This entry will help define and separate the different types of these services and help us make sense of the many questions that arise when we speak about these services. A virtual receptionist is a receptionist that does not take and make calls; she is a receptionist that responds only to e-mails, messages, faxes and phone calls made by the company or the client or by another hired staff member.

The reason behind this idea is simple: many companies do not want to spend money hiring and training a receptionist who would spend most of her day answering phones or taking calls. These companies hire virtual receptionist for the purpose of answering phone calls and taking calls, while, at the same time, saving money on employee salaries, benefits and insurance.

This works especially well for freelancers, independent contractors and small businesses who cannot afford to hire full-time employees. The services of virtual receptionists can be valuable and should be considered if you’re on the lookout for additional employees or if you need to increase your company’s productivity.

For instance, if you have several in-house employees but you need to dispatch them at regular intervals, a virtual receptionist would be able to take messages and forward them to the appropriate employee. They could also answer phone calls and take messages during office hours. At the same time, these employees would not need to do anything that is physically demanding; they would not be required to stand in long lines waiting to enter and exit the office, nor would they be required to take messages and forward them to the appropriate in-house receptionist. All they would need to do is sit in front of their computer and take care of all their responsibilities via an online appointment calendar.

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