Common Hazards For Cyclists On The Road 

Cycling is fun but can be risky if the right precautions and safety measures are not taken. It is found common to use your phone or daydream while riding, which may lead to accidents. To be safe, it is crucial to divert your undivided attention on the road. Even careful cyclists can get injured due to other drivers’ negligent behavior. 

Some situations are more dangerous than others and increase the risk. It is essential to learn about where accidents are more likely to occur. Like any other road user, cyclists are in an equal amount of danger of being hit by vehicles. If you were in a bicycle collision accident, contact a law firm today. 

Common hazards for cyclists on the road 

  • Cars. 

It is important to always ride with the traffic flow for better visibility. Make sure to follow a straight line, obey traffic signs, and use hand signals. Accidents happen when cars suddenly appear right off cyclists. Make eye contact with other drivers or take precautionary steps. 

  • T-junctions. 

T-junctions are infamous for bicycle accidents. Motorists often argue that the cyclists did not make themselves visible enough. That is why it is important to use lights or reflective material on your bicycle. The Highway Code emphasizes the importance of looking out for cyclists. This is especially true in situations like junctions and roundabouts.

  • Roundabouts. 

Cycling accidents are frequent at roundabouts. They are more common in larger ones with multiple exits. Drivers enter a roundabout and often fail to yield, causing an accident and severe injuries. Exiting the roundabout without noticing a cyclist riding beside them can also be deadly. 

  • Wet roads. 

Weather can be unpredictable, but preparation can prevent all hazards. Wet roads from rain create slippery surfaces. Go at a slow speed and brake earlier rather than at the last moment. Stay away from standing water, as they may be covering hazardous potholes. Additionally, be cautious around manhole covers as they are slippery.

  • Filtering and overtaking. 

Many people commute to work via their bikes. Accidents often occur when cyclists filter through or overtake in slow-moving traffic. This may be safe, but only until motorists check their mirrors before changing lanes. 

Every bicycle accident does not happen due to a direct collision. Some also occur when motorists overtake or pass by bicycles too closely. Being struck by large vehicles can inflict serious injuries to the bicyclist, while the other party walks away almost always with no injuries.

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