Choosing the Right Cranes for Your Next Project

Anyone can have big construction dreams and architectural goals but realizing them demands expertise and the right tools. Unfortunately, picking cranes can prove quite confusing.

Not all cranes are the same, and your familiarity with the distinctions will determine whether you can get things done safely and on time. Here’s what you should know about this versatile class of heavy lifting machinery before you break ground.

Common Crane Families

Most construction cranes come in one of three forms:

  • Tower models are built in place to host equipment and materials upward as buildings rise.
  • All-terrain crawler cranes are lower to the ground, but they can tackle unfinished graded surfaces and move objects around work sites by rolling on tread-style tracks.
  • Mobile models, such as boom trucks, serve a range of everyday roles that make them suitable for use onsite and in site-to-site transportation.

Specialized Options

These basic types come in numerous variations. For instance, construction cranes can include straight or articulated horizontal members, known as jibs, that are appropriate for different kinds of tasks and working environments.

Some attach to floating platforms or ship decks, and others feature telescoping members, interchangeable attachments or extra reinforcement for high-stress jobs, such as deep drilling and soil compacting.

Which Crane Fits Your Mission-critical Task?

When choosing a crane for hoisting and transportation tasks, you need to think about a few questions. For instance, the layout of your site and locations of building materials might make certain heavy equipment more practical than other models. The dimensions of the loads you plan on lifting and types of work you’re doing are also important.

Cranes are as varied as the construction tasks they perform — from accounting for unique load limits and environmental compatibility features to selecting appropriate power sources and mobility features, it’s critical to work with an accomplished expert to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

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