CCTV Buying Guide for Starters

Do you have plans on buying your first CCTV camera in Singapore anytime soon? Well, you better proceed with it since that can be one of your best investments to ensure your protection against those looming security threats. It may only be challenging for first-timers like you if you’re clueless about how you should go about your initial order.

Better ask around and see if you can get some helpful advice on your soon-to-be CCTV camera purchase. You can start with some of your relatives that have security cameras installed on their properties. Make inquiries about the different things they considered on their purchased technologies as your reference.

Never forget about your peers that have affiliations with CCTV installation companies in Singapore. You may either consult them about your inquiries or hire their team for your much-needed security upgrades. You can also share with them your plans as they may have some tips to share while searching for your new set of video recorders.

It will also help if you do your research and look for sources that can provide you with essential information about your desired CCTV camera brand. These include review sites and online community forums that may also recommend other video surveillance system options to consider. You may never know; their suggestions might also suit your needs.

It is also advisable that you clear off any doubts you have with CCTV systems sold in Singapore. These may involve some common misinterpretations that might affect your decision to buy them soon. Besides, why would you proceed with your purchase if false impressions are already surrounding these surveillance cameras in the first place?


Common CCTV Myths You Must Debunk

As mentioned, begin your buying journey by learning more about these misconceptions and myths involving CCTV camera systems in Singapore. You may be familiar with some of them, but a refresher will be essential as you confirm your first purchase soon. Here are some of them that you must debunk before you even choose the perfect one for you:

Fact-FakeMyth # 1: Too Expensive to Own

One of the most common myths about CCTV cameras is that they’re only for well off people. It is due to the notion that the entire surveillance system is usually pricey. It sometimes doesn’t include the necessary hardware, software, and accessories you must purchase separately to keep your security apparatus functional.

It may be true with expensive brands, but some CCTV companies in Singaporeoffer low-cost units for starters like you. They may even provide budget-friendly packages that already include all your needed security system components at an affordable price. You only need to find a reliable provider to ensure you’re getting a cost-efficient purchase with them.

Myth # 2: For Tech-Savvy Only

It is also common among first-time CCTV camera owners to be intimidated by all buttons they need to push to operate their systems. You may be one of them that will also depend on the operating manual for quite some time to keep your cameras up and running. You might even recruit a techie to do all the work for you.

Well, you can always choose to hire a technical person for your worry-free monitoring. But you can also do it by yourself if you want to be hands-on with your security measures. All you need to do is look for a CCTV installation partner in Singaporeto provide you with an easy-to-use system anyone at your household or workplace can manage.

Myth # 3: One is Enough

First-timers may also argue that the mere presence of a CCTV camera can already secure their place against intruders. It might drive you away from some trespassers and burglars, but not all of them. You may even be surprised that you might still fall as one of their victims even after installing a video recorder right at your doorway.

Always ensure that you have more than enough to safeguard yourself and your properties. Try speaking with a CCTV expert in Singaporeto learn more about the different areas you must install your security cameras. You may never know; you might also need some rooms you rarely visit at all.

Myth # 4: The More, The Better

Although, getting more than what you need is also not advisable for starters like you. It doesn’t only cost you more, but your extra CCTV camera installations may be completely unnecessary. You might even attempt to install some units in private areas you shouldn’t be keeping an eye on – like your bathrooms.

It may also be challenging to monitor multiple areas in your property in one sitting. You might even miss incidents you must avoid if you need to check all your purchased CCTV systems in Singaporeindividually. So, better contact an experienced team to only get the recommended number of surveillance cameras you need.

Myth # 5: DIY Setup

Most importantly, never try to fix your CCTV camera or any surveillance system by yourself. It may save you from spending additional service fees, but it might also cost you more if you install and set them up inappropriately. You may even need to purchase a new one since your DIY project didn’t go as planned.

That’s why letting the professionals handle your CCTV installation works in Singaporeis the right thing to do. You may even get high-quality security cameras from them with features you must consider on your upcoming purchase. Are you clueless again on what these are? Then better continue reading through this article.

Best-Features-to-Consider-in-Your-CCTVBest Features to Consider in Your CCTV

Ideally, you should always purchase the most recommended CCTV camera in Singaporeto only get one trusted by most. But wouldn’t it be great if you’re also knowledgeable of the different features you need to consider when buying your new security systems? Here are some of them that you must be mindful of before confirming your orders soon:


High-Definition Output

Begin with the most vital component of your CCTV camera systems – their video outputs. These involve the type, resolution, and quality of materials your security cameras produce once you hit the record button. You may not need to be familiar with their technical aspects since you can merely choose one that gives you a clear and crisp view of the area you’re monitoring.

Lens sizes may also affect the quality of recordings they produce on your monitors. Some CCTV systems in Singaporecan give you clear views of objects and people despite being miles away from your cameras. Other options can provide you with a larger view of the area without the need to install multiple cameras around it.

Extra Buying Tip! Choose a CCTV camera that can provide you with high-definition video outputs for your easy viewing and monitoring. You can either choose one with a long focal range, a broad field of view, or a combination of both if you desire. Either way, always decide what system to purchase based on your specific security requirements and needs.

Huge Storage

Another essential component you must consider with your new CCTV in Singaporeis its storage requirements. Check if your newly purchased security cameras have all hardware and software needed to store long hours of video recordings. Besides, why would you choose to spend on them separately and get inappropriate drives with your existing systems?

It is always advisable that you consider the total duration of recordings you need per day to determine the capacity you need for your CCTV camerastorage. You should also identify where you’ll set these storage units since they can sometimes be bulky if you have large output requirements. Better plan it now before your new security systems arrive at your place soon.

Extra Buying Tip! Look for a CCTV company in Singaporewith storage units with digital recording features. It doesn’t only give you comfort in storing your video outputs virtually, but it also prevents anyone from deleting them accidentally or intentionally. You may never know; intruders might also steal your drives when they get to infiltrate your security room.

Unique Technologies

It is also essential that your new CCTV camera can do more than recording hours long of video materials. You can explore getting motion-activated security cameras if you want to save on your electricity expenses. They also don’t consume a lot of storage space since they only start to record when they detect any movement in the area.

Some providers also offer advanced technologies like night vision cameras that can help you monitor your place at nighttime. You can also check if they have options with infrared and heat sensors perfect for areas that are in total darkness. Try such CCTV installation upgrades in Singaporesince these may also benefit you in the long run.

Extra Buying Tip! Live CCTVcameras can also be your perfect security solution if you want to monitor your properties in real-time. You may only need to install additional applications on your devices to access your present security system feed. You may even be surprised that you can view them anywhere you would want!

Remote Accessibility

Nevertheless, choose a CCTV camera system in Singapore with remote accessibility features for your hassle-free video recording reviews at your convenience. Look for a provider with easy-to-install software you can use to incorporate your go-to devices with your security cameras. Best if they can program them for you for your added comfort.

They may only require you to have a stable internet connection to access your far-off security systems. You also need to check with your provider the scope of your access before confirming any agreement with them. You may never know; you can also have the option to review your previous CCTV camerarecordings from your mobile phone.

Extra Buying Tip! Always maximize these remote accessibility features and look for a CCTV in Singapore that allows you to access your security system from any device of your choice. These include your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices that will give you a live feed of your home or workplace wherever you are.

Good Reputation

More than anything else, only purchase a CCTV camerasystem with a good reputation among their users. It may be due to the abovementioned features or some other more that might also benefit you. Reconsider your initial options if you think their recommended ones are more suitable for your needs and preferences.

It would also be great to look for other resources that might provide you with more details about your preferred CCTV brand in Singapore. These include review sites, feedback pages, and online tech communities that can share more comments to help you decide on your upcoming purchase. Besides, only get your new security cameras from reputable providers for your worry-free upgrades.

Extra Buying Tip! Try checking websites of different providers offering CCTV cameras and installation services to learn more about their reputation in the market. Some of their customers may be leaving insights you can use to gauge their competence as your go-to supplier. They might even have worked with prominent clients that can already tell their credibility.


How to Make Your First Purchase?

Are you now ready to buy your first set of security cameras soon? Well, you can proceed with it anytime since you have already debunked common misconceptions surrounding them and learn about the must-have features of your new CCTV camera systems in Singapore. Make it more worthwhile when you also consider the following tips for your upcoming purchase:


  • Start by doing a quick survey on your area to identify your CCTV vantage points. These include common locations in your establishment where you usually find surveillance cameras. You can also go unconventional and conceal them from the plain sight of your impending intruders.
  • Create a list of possible risks you might face that led to your decision to seek assistance for your CCTV installation needs in Singapore. These may involve cases of theft, robbery, trespassing, and even crimes that may injure or hurt people inside your property. Use it to convince yourself more that you must proceed with your security upgrade now.
  • Always speak with professionals from One Stop Office Solution to only get the best CCTV camera you need. They also have other surveillance systems that can also guarantee your 24/7 protection against these imminent dangers on your property.

Call them now to learn more about their available CCTV options in Singaporeyou can get today!


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