Buying guide about high temperature silicone rubber tubing & hose

Right from automobiles to food processing, silicone rubber tubing & silicone hose are popularly used in many industries. The versatile feature of this hose & tubing made it suitable for different kinds of applications. For a different type of fluid transfer applications, this kind of silicone rubber tubing & hose are required in almost every industry. One of the main reasons for using this silicone tubing & hose is its ability to withstand extremely high temperature. Apart from this, there are many other attributes that have made this high temperature silicone rubber hose & silicone tubing the first choice in a wide range of industries.

When fluid transfer application requires high pressure as well high temperature handling Reinforced Silicone Tubing & Braided Silicone Rubber Hose offers excellent solution.

Applications of silicone rubber tubing & hose

It cannot be denied that applications of silicone tubing & silicone hose are significant. With different sizes and specifications, you can find or make the one which is suitable for your applications. Let’s have a look at some of the industries where this silicone tubing & silicone rubber hose is of great use:

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical industry: As this hose is easy to clean and sterile, it finds its great application in the pharmaceutical & medical sector. Apart from this, this kind of silicone tubing & hose are not harmful for living tissues. Along with this, it won’t cause any allergenic response. Because of all these attributes, silicone tubing is used in several equipment, treatment process and devices like catheters, feeding tubes, medical implant, etc. In the medical sector, profile made from silicone rubber offers the application of sealing and gasketing. In addition, it also ensures safe fluid transfer in medical devices.
  • Electronic industry: If we are talking about the applications in the electronic industry then the list would be endless. Silicone rubber tubing is mainly used in a number of electronic products for fluid transfer as well sealing the inner circuits and processors. This tubing & seal will also form a layer of protection to the electronic gadgets from moisture, corrosion, excessive heat and other conditions.
  • Aviation industry: Silicone tubing can withstand extreme temperature and stress. Owing to this, silicone tubing is widely used in the aviation industry. Right from overhead bins to vent ducts, this tubing is used everywhere in the air craft.

Benefits of the silicone tubing & hose

Some of the important benefits of silicone tubing are listed below:

  • The first and foremost benefit that is associated with silicone rubber tubing & silicone hose is that it is considered less susceptible to heat aging compared to any other organic rubbers. With the passage of time, high temperatures will make the organic or other rubber hoses crack or to fail. But, silicone tubing & silicone hose will remain unaffected under extreme temperature even for many years.
  • Another benefit is that this tubing ensures long term and better performance under harsh conditions. In addition, it normally exhibits the property of lower flex-cracking at a higher pressure and temperature cycles.
  • Silicone rubber tubing & hose are also preferred over another conventional rubber tubing & hose because of its durability. Over time, other rubber tubing & hoses will get weaken and will need quick replacement. While silicone tubing, offers longer durability & better performance compare to their counterpart rubber hose & tubing.
  • Along with practical benefits, there are more benefits that are related to its appearance. Silicone tubing is normally available in translucent color which helps to check visual flow of fluid. It can be also made in other colors like red, blue, yellow, orange and many more. So, you can choose the color as per your need and choice.
  • Easy removal is another important benefit of the list. There are times when people get hard times in removing organic rubber hoses. This happens because of the sticky nature of the rubber hose. Silicone rubber hose is easy to be removed from the parts as it won’t get stuck anywhere.
  • One of the benefits of using this tubing is that the raw material base of this tubing is designed with heat stabilizers that make the tubing able to withstand high heat and pressure.

What features of silicone tubing make people to choose it?

Silicone tubing comes with excellent physical properties that make this tubing ideal for certain functions. It is highly flexible which means it can be stretched to certain extent without tearing. Some of the important features of this tubing are:

  • Silicone rubber tubing & hose are flexible in nature thus, it is easy to fold in rounds and store when not in use.
  • The sudden temperature change can be handled by this silicone tubing with ease.
  • Owing to its translucent quality, silicone rubber hose is extensively used for transportation of food & beverage products.
  • It is known for its spark resistance nature. This tubing is especially designed for maintaining the strength even in the presence of electrical sparking. This feature makes people to choose silicone rubber hose for electrical applications.
  • Silicone tubing has great reinforcement as the material of this hose is reinforced with fibers in order to add more strength to it.
  • Good thermal conductivity and high elongation of this tubing have also enabled people to choose it for their multiple sealing applications.

Selection guide of silicone rubber tubing & hose

Whenever buying silicone tubing, you must consider these factors:

  • System pressure
  • Fluid temperature
  • Tubing clarity
  • Viscosity of tubing
  • Maintenance cycle and fluid compatibility of the silicone rubber hose

If you are looking for high quality silicone rubber tubing or silicone hose or want to know more about it then you may consider contact Accurate Rubber Corporation. They offer a comprehensive array of silicone rubber tubing & silicone hose in different sizes, spec, color as well as in special grade. You can get help from them to find & make the right silicone tubing product which can match your application.


There are several forms and designs of silicone rubber tubing that has been specifically designed as per the application’s requirement. Silicone rubber tubing & silicone hose comes with multiple benefits and features that make it perfect for many industries. With the above mentioned selection guide, you can find out which tubing is suitable for your application.



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