Biggest Reasons Why You Should Apply for Singaporean Citizenship Now

Looking for a place where you can spend your future is challenging and most importantly, frightening. It is not just a mere choice but also an investment. However, research is the key to deciding which location is right for you. To undertake and make things easier, here is an easy-read guide, each stating reasons why you would be right to spend your future and live in Singapore.

The population of individuals 65 years and above in Singapore is about 11.8% of the entire population, and it’s expected to succeed in a minimum of 20% of the entire population by 2030. So, whether you are a foreigner wondering about the place to grow old and retire, or if you are already a citizen contemplating, be rest assured that Singapore is the best place you would ever be. Below are the highest reasons why you ought to apply for Singapore citizenship today:

Lots of immigrants come to Singapore too

The city-state of Singapore features a large ex-pat population. Singapore has such various community and features a very welcoming atmosphere. It’s easy to form friends with other ex-pats, especially if you’ve got children that are within school age. There are many Facebook groups available for you to check out and join. English is additionally one among the most languages in Singapore, which makes it even easier to talk with the locals.


Another reason why you ought to choose a Singapore citizen application is that Singapore has one of the simplest forms of education systems within the world. There are many options for ex-pats if they need to enrol their children into schools in Singapore.

There are tons of excellent public schools within the city-state which are affordable and can provide a high-quality education for youngsters. There also are private international schools which is a wise choice for ex-pats wanting their child to continue the varsity curriculum in their home country.

Affordable cost of living

Despite Singapore being one among the foremost expensive cities to measure in, it is often kept to a minimum. With conveyance being so cheap and therefore the rate of pay is quite high, it’s quite simple to take care of a high standard of living in Singapore.

Healthcare and welfare

Singapore has one among the most-improved healthcare systems within the world, and this extends to worry for ageing people. On top of that several policies are put in situ by the govt to assist retired Singaporeans access quality medical services.

Singapore has a policy called Pioneer Generation Package (PGP). Singaporeans born on or before 31 December. One among the most benefits may be a 50% subsidy on services and medications at polyclinics and specialist outpatient clinics publicly hospitals. Eligible citizens also are given access to subsidies for other general-purpose medical schemes.

Seniors living in Singapore even have access to mobile health services within their communities. There also are regular seminars and talks organized for seniors by the National Seniors’ Health programme on health issues affecting them like nutrition, mental wellness, exercise and chronic disease management.

Present government support

The government has overtime committed itself to plan for Seniors or the ‘Silver generation’ as they’re fondly called due to the silver colour of the hair that comes with ageing. With the main target of helping them get older confidently, age gracefully and have access to opportunities no matter their age, several schemes and policies are integrated.

Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) is one among such programmes developed by the government to supply seniors up to 95% subsidies on the installation of improvement items like grab bars and slip-resistant bathrooms.

Another initiative is the Comcare future Assistance which enables seniors unable to figure to receive up to $1,180 in cash assistance quarterly for procurement of basic needs. The Silver Support Scheme, on the opposite hand, affords seniors who were low-income earners while working and people with little or no family support the chance to receive payouts of between $300-$750 quarterly.

Employment opportunities

Starting July 2017, the re-employment age for senior workers and employees in the country has been changed to 67 years old. It means older workers can keep working for extended periods of time if they need to supply what they need to and are mentally and physically ready. Most seniors say they need to stay working for an extended time beyond the official retirement age because they need to retain their independence and since it keeps their minds active. It’s also good economically as Singapore features a tight labour market, and therefore the best thanks to satisfying the demand for labour is to re-employ workers who can work.

Plans for senior employability also include the redesigning of jobs to supply older workers more flexibility. That way they’re kept faraway from jobs which will be too physically demanding from them. Seniors also are given access to training to bring them up to hurry with current trends, and are exposed to career guidance and transition programmes to assist them to remain relevant within the workforce. Older workers also are allowed to undertake out for jobs via internship and job trials.

Retirement is a good choice

The Central Provident Fund may be a government-sponsored initiative that permits Singaporeans to possess a secure and secure retirement. Singaporeans and permanent residents are mandated to save lots by using the CPF scheme while they’re still actively working to fund their three key needs: retirement, healthcare and housing. It’s an employment-based savings scheme during which employees and their employers contribute a stipulated amount to the Fund.

The Government in Singapore keeps an in-depth eye on the economy’s permanent economic effect.

So, if you’re trying to find a long-term move to a location where you’d be truly valued and welcomed then Singapore would be the perfect place for you. And if you do not want your Singapore citizen application to be rejected, visit our website, and let our experts assist you today.

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