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The COVID-19 global pandemic reminded the world how important proper hygiene is outside our homes. People wear facemasks, disinfect their hands frequently, avoid crowding in one place, and most importantly, stay at home when sick. But the pandemic raised the question of how safe your house is against the home transmission of the virus. Many are clinging to residential cleaning servicesto boost their household’s protection against the virus, but is it enough?

Indoor Cleaning And Disinfection Amidst COVID-19 Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus and its variants are spread through airborne transmission. Airborne transmission happens when the aerosol respiratory droplets from an infected person are inhaled by another individual. These aerosol droplets can travel for more than six feed distances. If you are with several people in an enclosed space, such as your home, airborne transmission is highly likely even with regular professional cleaning services in Singapore.

The World Health Organization recommends people avoid the three Cs at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The three Cs stand for Crowded places, Close contact, and Confined places. In dire times like this, clean households are not enough. There should be disinfection.

Cleaning VS Disinfecting

People use the words cleaning and disinfecting interchangeably. These two are entirely different processes but interconnected.


Cleaning means physically removing dirt, soil, and germs from surfaces. Cleaning uses tools, such as cleaning agents, brushes, rags, and more. Cleaning does not 100% eradicate germs from surfaces, but it significantly reduces their number.

Many companies rely on office cleaning services in Singapore for quality cleaning. In other words, cleaning means dirt-free.


Disinfecting is the process of killing germs using approved disinfecting chemicals. Disinfection services in Singapore do not necessarily have to sweep the floor or wipe the table to disinfect your home.

In other words, disinfection means germ-free.

But it is vital to clean your home thoroughly before disinfecting.

Importance of Disinfection

Disinfection should be an integral routine part of every household.

It kills germs

Cleaning does not kill germs 100%. Much worse, germs or pathogens can live on surfaces in optimal condition for months.

Some germs have bodies that are impenetrable by regular cleaning agents. A harsher and more suitable disinfecting solution from your disinfection services in Singapore is required to break down these pathogens.

It stops transmission

The germs on surfaces spared from cleaning can still infect people. Much worse, bacteria can multiply and regrow their population.

Disinfection services in Singapore target high-touch areas and fomites where the transmission of virus is high.

Now that you know the differences between cleaning and disinfection and why you should include it in your household routine, it is time to discuss the tips for home disinfection.


Tips For Home Cleaning And Disinfection During The COVID-19 Pandemic

You can always hire residential cleaning servicesto do home cleaning and disinfection, but you are also free to do it yourself. It is easy!

Find the right products.

Perhaps, you are familiar with common cleaning products, such as bleach, soap, brush, rags, and sponges, but disinfection solutions are quite different.

It is essential to read the labels when shopping for disinfectant products. Look for National Environmental Agency NEA-approved disinfection solutions.

Wear the right gear.

Remember, disinfectant products are way harsher than your typical cleaning agent. You need to handle and work around them carefully. It is safer to hire professional cleaning and disinfection services in Singapore.

Wearing protection gear, such as gloves, goggles, face masks, and a long-sleeved shirt, prevents direct skin and eye contact.

Ensure proper ventilation.

Fumes from disinfectant solutions can cause difficulty breathing, skin and eye irritation, and nausea. When cleaning an enclosed space, such as your bedroom, make sure to keep the windows and doors open for ventilation. Using fans can help with the ventilation as well.

Ensure that no children or pets are near the area to avoid inhalation. Call professional residential cleaning services if you are unsure of what to do.

Identify the area of disinfection.

The target areas for disinfection are the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget the high-touch objects, such as doorknobs, faucets, light switches, handrails, computer keyboards, and chair handles.

When you are taking care of a sick person, make sure to disinfect their room and the bathroom they use regularly.

Pay attention to the areas they soiled or vomited on.

Steam cleaners.

You can use steam cleaners loaded with soap and disinfectant solutions for soft surfaces, such as drapes, carpets, and upholstered furniture. Professional cleaning services in Singapore have suitable equipment for cleaning and disinfecting soft surfaces.

When throwing them into the washer, use warm water for cleaning.


Like drapes and linen, you can use warm water when washing your dirty clothes.

Wash a sick person’s clothing from the rest of your laundry separately. It is advisable to wear face masks and gloves when washing a sick person’s clothes.

Take a bath

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth whilst cleaning to prevent contracting germs and viruses.

Take a bath after your home cleaning and disinfection activity. Bathing removes the dirt, grime, and germs that cling to your skin and shirt.

Wash your dirty shirt immediately as well.

It is also vital to take a bath right after you come home. Disinfecting the outside items, such as grocery supplies, can prevent bringing viruses inside your home. The advantage of becoming disinfection services at your own home in Singaporeis having a relaxing bath after the rigorous cleaning!


Health experts advise the community to stay at home to lessen the risk of COVID-19 transmission. But to achieve a COVID-free community, the transmission must be stopped at home.


Hiring professional cleaning and disinfection services in Singaporeor doing it yourself can halt the transmission of the virus at home. It makes your home stay safer and more comfortable.

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