All facts about lift parts

Lifts makes our life easy. In malls and multi-level buildings, you can see the lifts for up and down. If you want to know about lift parts then you are at right place. We provide a wide range of lift parts.

We are the one stop solution for lift parts. We use the navigation tools which includes a fast and effective product and code search facility. It will locate your products with the minimum fuss and in the shortest time.

Types of lifts:-

  • Two post lifts: they are most common above ground lifts found in shops. They are integral to a shop’s efficiency, productivity and profitability. Its preventive measures can be taken on daily basis. Users need to be aware about the common alternative lift problems.
  • Four post lifts: four post lifts are used for medium duty truck applications. They are commonly found in muffler, oil change, transmission and alignment service shops. Users must have regular routine for inspection of lifts. Service and maintenance is important for expensive and unwanted down-time.
  • Inground lift: inground lifts are lifts which assembles are located below ground level in the automative shop. They are not so common due to environmental issues and cost.

We offer a complete refurbishment solution from the controller and fully pre-wired shaft kid through to a replacement door operator, lift doors and lift machine or pump unit depend on your requirements. We provide high quality equipment for use in the modernisation of existing lifts.

Our main aim is to provide a quality partnership. Flexibility and innovation are the part of relationship. We also have capability to provide a unique solution to our customers by providing them multi-brand lift parts.

Lift parts include:-

  • Coils
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Magnet switches relays
  • Key switches
  • Fuses
  • Guide shoes
  • Push buttons
  • Door operators

So, contact us for quality lift parts. We are the leading supplier of lift components at reasonable price. We are the agent of most recognized brands such as Liftequip, SCHAEFER, Cobianchi, Hans Jungblut, switch and MGTI.

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