Advantages Of Using Granite Kerbing In Commercial Landscaping

Kerbing for commercial and industrial landscaping is often sought to serve a functional purpose, although the visual appeal of these elements is something that is important when you consider that clients usually make their judgements upon first impressions.

Granite Kerbing offers both things, great visual appeal, versatility when it comes to design, and many technical advantages compared to other materials.

So, if you’re thinking of updating the landscaping of your surrounding commercial property, you may want to consider using Granite kerbing, and here’s why we think that you should,

What, where and why?

Granite is a durable stone, and for high-traffic areas, Granite kerbing is quite useful because it acts as a barrier to protect other areas of land, such as flower beds and grasses. It can line a walkway and driveway so that the public are encouraged to stay within specific areas, and whilst it acts as a functional part of your respective landscape, it also adds style to the design.

Granite kerbing is suitable for most projects. Areas we often see using it are municipal roadway and sidewalk improvements and public places such as colleges, schools and universities. Residential properties, especially housing developments and many commercial properties such as offices will also use them to improve the look of their surroundings and help to maintain a neat, fresh and stylish landscape.

There are many reasons why you should consider using Granite kerbing, but when it comes to sustainability it’s a valid choice to make; this natural material pretty much has a lifelong sell-by date, so money’s worth is a guarantee. Having the highest strength and density of all kerbing materials, Granite can pretty much withstand erosion and any adverse atmospheric conditions, be it hot blazing sun, torrential rain or freezing frost.

  • Maintenance Free

Well, you be pleased to know, there is none! And that’s highly refreshing to hear when most other curbing materials need regular upkeep, of which comes at a costly price. No aftercare required with Granite kerbing, so it’s certainly a way to cut out those extra costs.

  • Sustainable

We’ve already briefly touched upon its sustainability factor above, but the reason it’s considered as such is due to its positive environmental impact. It’s a naturally sourced stone and since it can be repurposed multiple times afterwards, it’s considered a green option, kinder to Mother Nature if you like.

  • Adds Value

Anything that adds significant value is always a winner, especially for commercial properties. It’s true that Granite kerbing adds value due to its premium look and robustness so if resale might be a future consideration, it’s a well worth investment that could get a good return.

  • Protects Pavements

Overtime walkways and pavements become worn and may be in need of some repair due to cracking; this is commonly seen around the edges, Granite stone kerbing acts as protection for the edges, to save your paves for longer.

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