A Guide on Designing the Best Company Printed T Shirts

 How can you create a t shirt that checks all the boxes? You will find out below. Are you seeking a different way to promote your business or make extra money with merch? Do you wish to remember a particular occasion?

The following are the eight steps you must do for your company to get the best printed t shirts for whatever reason.

#1 Determine The Reason You Need A Shirt

The primary objective of employing t shirts and printing your company logo and promotions in Singapore is branding. Even if it is only for fashion, you will need to incorporate consistent brand concepts into your items. Ask yourself:

  • Who are your prospective clients or customers?
  • What brand characteristics do they want to work together?

Even if you are producing t shirts for retail, incorporate the logo of your business. It will let people know who manufactured the shirt if they want anything similar in the future. Also, use the same design quality and ingenuity that you would for a billboard advertisement. After you have identified the objectives for t shirt printing for your company in Singapore, you may then prioritise the various components of your design.

#2 Determine Your Budget

Your design will be influenced by how much money you have to spend and how many t shirts you require. The same goes for the number of colours you can choose. Your budget and quantity will determine how many colours you can incorporate into your shirt. Additional colours may be more expensive, depending on your printing process. Some processes are better suited for large-scale printing, while others are better suited for small-scale orders.

#3 Study Your Options

When looking for the best t shirt printing procedure for your company merchandise in Singapore, there are several factors to consider. Cost, aesthetics, production time, and materials are all critical considerations when designing a t shirt. The more you understand each strategy, the easier it will be to choose which is ideal for you. Here are your three safest options.

A.   Screen Printing

It is the gold standard when it comes to corporate t shirt printing in Singapore and worldwide. Screen printing is a reliable and high-quality procedure at a very affordable price. However, modifications to the design (i.e. different colours) require a new screen and can be costly in the long run.

B.   Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl printing uses more lasting and high-quality vinyl rather than ink. However, intricate patterns become more pricey with additional colours. It is not ideal for huge orders like corporate shirt printing.

C.   Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

DTG printing is a newer technique. It leverages the flexibility of inkjet printing but directly on fabric. It is a highly customisable process for designs with maximal intricacy and a wide range of colour options. However, it is only suited for small quantities or a single sample. It is less profitable with more prints and does not look well on dark-coloured clothing.

#4 Come Up with a Design Concept

Consider your desired audience and aims before selecting the best materials for your company printed t shirts. There are various t shirts and outerwear styles for your selection. Determine the t shirt style that would best suit your customers and their budget.

As you begin to draw up design ideas for your corporate printed shirts, ensure the design will transition to the actual size. Colour is the most effective design element for conveying personality in an instant. Each shade, colour, and tint inspires an emotion, serving as a shortcut to present information about your business.

T shirt designs must consider two sets of colours: the fabric colours and the printing colours. Always utilise your fabric colour as the background of your design ideas to ensure that these two match each other. Corporate shirt printing provides a better opportunity to experiment with unusual display fonts than other areas of graphic design. They also have their own set of distinct ink possibilities.

  • Plastisol is the most common ink used in screen printing.
  • Foil is a shiny and reflective material.
  • Glitter, holograms, or fuzzy feel are examples of novelties.
  • High-density inks are for a three-dimensional look that leaps out from the shirt.
  • Gel inks resemble high-density inks but have a “wetter” appearance.
  • Water-based inks have no sensation. This ink anchors itself in the cloth.

#5 Look for a Reliable Designer

The ability to create your designs is a significant benefit of corporate shirt printing. You may create your t shirt design to bring to life. However, keep in mind that professionals are familiar with the technical aspects of t shirts.

Working with a freelancer might be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. Make every effort to discover a designer that thinks similarly to you. Take the personality, style, and skill of the company into account.

Once you have selected your designers, you must express your concept for better collaboration. Tell them about your design concepts, messaging, and target audience. You should also include your intended colours, logos, visual style, t shirt type, and printing specs in the conversation. Give them all the information they need to create the perfect design to represent your company in the printed t shirts.


#6 Assess Your Overall Design

Go over each design possibility as they arrive and choose your favourites. Consider every marketing and technological needs your company requires for your printed t shirts. It is not simply an art competition; it is a commercial choice, so communicate with your designer. If the design is not working, consider questioning important stakeholders and those who have no relationship to what you are doing.

#7 Obtain the Correct Files in the Necessary Format

You will most likely require the following items for your visit to the t shirt printing company you choose in Singapore:

  • Obtain your t shirt design in vector format. It will most likely be an Adobe Illustrator (AI), PDF, or EPS file. You will need one for each t shirt design created.
  • You should also indicate the proper colour codes. If your printer supports custom colours, make sure you have the Pantone or CMYK colour codes on hand so that everything looks the way you want it.

#8 Look for an Amazing Printing Firm

When your design is complete, it’s time to choose a printer that can provide the service you want at a reasonable price. Inquire about the printer’s in-house art department and get samples of finished shirts.

The objective of a printer is to transform a design into an actual print, and only the end output exposes this. If you’re placing a larger order, ensure that your printer provides pre-press proofs. You won’t know how the design will fit until you see a sample.

Be wary of hidden fees, especially screens, films, or Pantone colour matching. There are a few bad apples in this sector, just as any other. Examine all charges before making a payment to ensure they are correct.

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