A Changing Landscape for Business

The past year has seen what many may consider to be a more permanent change in business as a whole as the possibilities for remote working opportunities and suggest changes to four-day work weeks could change how business is handled for a growing number, but the flexibility and additional options granted may be much more impactful than just a shift to remote working as further options begin to present themselves.

Perhaps the biggest has been seen in the rise of location independent business, but this isn’t something entirely new – the changing online space has allowed for many big names to make the change early as not requirement for a physical space is entirely needed, those in the online gaming space have been particularly of benefit here as many services like these have successful made the change and with land-based options around the world continuing to close these opportunities only grow, and these have primarily been the big target for many as an easy choice, but there are also many others that have started to benefit from the big change too.

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Sites like Fiverr that have grown in popularity over the past few years have provided an opportunity for freelancers to remove the difficulty of getting set-up by providing exposure straight away, and moving forward there will certainly be many individuals that rely on sites like this to provide a base for the business to get started out – it allows smaller business to move online with little restriction, and as many others that have come before enjoy the experience of location independence and take advantage of the other services that have become available over this past year like the growing number of remote working visas that are now much easier to obtain with generous terms for those most interested.

Big business may struggle to follow in any meaningful way, whilst remote working may be within  their future the shift to location independence may be a little past the possibilities but there will certainly be some wiling to make the leap to try – it’s already a huge factor for sectors like content creation and digital work as no physical presence is required, but as certain expectations still remain there will be reluctance to move away from how things were.

The next few years will certainly be key for change, whilst the suggested factor of remote work will likely be permanent for many, there are only suggested trial runs for things like four-day working weeks, and these may also be a big determining factor for whether or not a more permanent change can be expected – either way it’s certainly exciting, and could lead to a changing landscape as a whole for big and small business alike, and how both may change their day to day operations for more flexibility moving forward.

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