5 Condo Renovation Tips In Singapore That Will Bring You Fortune

Time flies so quickly that we are already at the end of the year. With the new year just around the corner, we tend to recite and manifest the same outlook for the new chapter of our life: have a prosperous year.

Did you know you know that you can bring fortune through interior design and condo renovation in Singapore? For starters, condo and kitchen renovation in Singapore boosts the value of your unit. Renovation is one of the most effective ways to make your home value to the market.

Secondly, as the new year approaches, it is time to bring luck into your unit through fengshui. Many unit owners incorporate fengshui elements into theircondo interior design in Singapore to invite fortune and prosperity to their lives.

5 Tips For Increasing Your Condo Unit Value Through Condo Renovation In Singapore

Renovation and remodelling is probably the best way to increase the market value of your unit. The only drawback is the upfront cost of the condo renovation in Singapore. To make the cost burden lighter, some unit owners try to remodel section per section of their unit instead of a complete overhaul.

Here are some condo renovation tips in Singapore to increase your unit value:

1.  Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation in Singapore significantly boosts your unit’s value than the other sections of your home. The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in a house. Like the living room, people love to lounge in the kitchen, whether to eat or cook.

Some families change the entire floor layout to accommodate their growing needs. Some modifications may include the installation or dismantling of the kitchen island for a more efficient kitchen. Alcohol enthusiasts add a bar for aesthetics and function.

Included in the kitchen renovation in Singapore is switching to new appliances. It means a new refrigerator, oven, roasters, and coffee maker, among the others. The more advanced the equipment is, the better.

Lastly, light and water fixtures also increase the value. Some homeowners install island lighting, track lighting, and under-cabinet lighting in their kitchens instead of an ordinary LED light bulb. On the other hand, polished chrome touchless faucet sensors are popular in kitchen sinks.

2.  Bathroom renovation

Similar to the kitchen, you can upgrade your bathroom’s lighting and piping water fixtures.

Combining a shower and half bathroom can increase your home value. Furthermore, separating the shower and half bathroom has the same effect. The point is having the two at your place will boost the price of your unit.

Adding a hot tub and new lighting and water fixtures also balloons your unit’s value. You can also install new flooring and use natural stones like marble or granite for countertops. Automatic toilets, showers, and tubs are good additions as well.

3.  Expansions

For landed homes, adding a balcony can significantly impact the home value.

For condo renovation in Singapore, adding a new bedroom or storage room and extending the kitchen or living room has a huge impact on the market value of your unit.

While doing so, you can repaint the walls, change the doorknobs, and improve the flooring. Working with a professional interior design firmadds a bearing on the unit value.

4.  Improve your storage

Perhaps, one of the challenges of owning a condo unit is the lack of space for storage. Many people are aware of this problem, so having smart storage is a strong selling point for the unit owner.

In a condo renovation in Singapore, many add an extra room for a storage room or walk-in closet. It is better to invest in multipurpose drawers and cabinets, especially in the bedroom and kitchen. You can hang under the counter cabinet and overhead cupboards to increase the storage space in the kitchen.

5.  Improve your outdoor space

For a condo unit with a tiny balcony, you can improve the outdoor space by adding wicker patio chairs or patio chair swings and a coffee table.

You can also add vertical plant racks for urban gardening.

Now that you know how to bring fortune to your home by literally increasing its value through condo renovation, it is time to learn how to invite more luck through condo interior design in Singapore.


5 FengShui Tips For Condo Unit Owners In Singapore

In Chinese tradition, fengshui is a practice that capitalises on the balance of energy in your home through your condo or HDB interior design in Singapore by arranging your space. Fengshui is said to bring harmony, positive energy, good health, luck, and prosperity into your home.

Here are some fengshui tips for your condo interior design in Singapore:

1.  Use mirrors

Mirrors have been used in tiny spaces, especially in an HDB interior design, to give an illusion of a wider area.

In fengshui, mirrors help improve the flow of positive energy into your home. Avoid putting your mirror where it faces the main door and toilet.

2.  Indoor plants and water

Indoor plants and flowers, such as bamboo, are considered a lucky charm in fengshui. In condo interior design in Singapore, plants give a fresh and close to nature look.

On the other hand, flowing water, such as a water fountain, invites fortune and prosperity into your condo unit.

3.  Be mindful of furniture arrangement

In a small space like a condo unit, large furniture hinders the flow of energy around your home. Choose small fittings; so they don’t trap the energy. You can have a circular arrangement of furniture as they aid the energy flow. You can ask your interior design firmfor extra help.

4.  Declutter

Clutter is a problem in both condo interior design in Singapore and fengshui. Clutters consume space and make your home look disorganised. In fengshui, clutters block and hinder the flow of energy into your unit.

5.  Use the five elements

Purchase decors made of the five elements– earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. Place them accordingly. Fire can be placed to the south, while wood at the east and southeast. Place water at the northern part, while metal at west and northwest. Lastly, the earth should be at the centre, northeast, and southwest.


Prosper this coming new year by renovating your home and incorporating fengshui into your space!

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