3 types of loans that can come handy to fund your short term needs


Help is always at hand when you need it. This is especially true for your financial woes as well. You may want some quick cash to meet your child’s wedding expenses, for a medical emergency when insurance isn’t enough or travel to the dream destination you have always wanted. A smart and easy way is to take a short-term loan to funds your needs.

Given in a few days, at affordable interest rates and for minimal paperwork, personal loans are a good solution to our short-term money requirements. Before you apply for a personal loan, find out which one suits you the best.

Here are three types of personal loan you can get. Read to know more.

  1. Wedding Loan

A personal loan for wedding enables you, the borrower, to pay for anything related to this special day. You can be a parent, sibling or the bride/groom. A wedding personal loan fits your budget in a timely manner and can make the fairy-tale wedding come to life. You can avail a personal loan for up to Rs 25 lakh and this money that you avail as a wedding loan will make sure that you do not cut back on the number of guests, arrangement, food, decoration and lighting.

Coming at an attractive 11.25% per annum interest rate, a Tata Capital personal loan for wedding offers you quick disbursal, minimal paperwork and superb convenience. No need to keep any collateral for wedding personal loans. You can do the personal loan repayment at your own pace since you get anywhere from 1 year to 6 years to give back the loan principal plus applicable interest. Some lenders like Tata Capital also have zero charges on part repayment.

  1. Medical loan

In times of emergency, getting funds has to be a hassle-free experience. And when somebody is life is at stake, getting finance should be as easy as getting money from an ATM. Today, medical loans offer the twin virtues of convenience and speed. Coming with flexible repayment options for any medical use including cosmetic and dental procedures, forget about worries. Now, with a medical personal loan, you can rest easy as your medical expenses will be taken care of. You get time ranging from 12 months to 72 months for this personal loan repayment, which is enough time to set things in place. There is no need to bring your house, jewellery or car as security. At Tata Capital, a medical personal loan is given without any demand for collateral whatever be your demand like Rs 1 lakh, Rs 5 lakh or even Rs 20 lakh.

Medical personal loans offer 3 distinctive benefits over traditional ways to fund such an emergency need. One, a medical personal loan is often given instant approval. Tata Capital also provides instant approval on your medical personal loan application once you have submitted the documents. Two, there is no elaborate list of documents. Medical personal loans providers know that you are in no mood to run here and there to get documents. A minimum number of documents are enough to get such a loan. Three, medical personal loan repayment can be structured to your situation. For instance, use the flexi loan EMI route to repay if you want to avail a medical loan from Tata Capital.

  1. Travel loan

Want to finance your vacation but facing a cash crunch? A travel loan offers an ideal way to pay for holidays. It is an easy and affordable solution that allows you and your family to go on that vacation that financially cannot be covered in one go. Be it a backpacking excursion through the Himalayas, or the expansive Europe trip that was always on your bucket list, a Tata Capital travel personal loan can make it all happen. With the flexibility to choose any loan amount ranging from as low as Rs 75,000 and as high as Rs 25 lakh, you get 1 year to 6 years to do personal loan repayment.

A travel personal loan offers quick finance. Your holiday plans can be funded easily with as top lenders provide a quote immediately. On approval, funds are credited in your bank account just within a couple of days. A travel personal loan also comes with no extra cost in terms of part personal loan repayment and zero collateral need. This helps you focus on making the trip memorable, and enjoy those wonderful days in India or abroad.   Choose the EMI option that best suits your needs. So, get, set and ready.


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