3 Myths Related to Custom Metal Fabrication Debunked

When it comes to working on a new custom metal fabrication project, seeking a fabrication partner who knows what you need is a challenge in itself. Apart from the budget, factors like time, quality, and logistical elements are taken into consideration. To make sure that your needs are duly met and you made the right choice for your business, steer clear from these myths when choosing a custom metal fabrication partner.

When you already have the design set for your metal fabrication project, you don’t need an engineer

Every successful metal fabrication project starts with a successful collaboration between design and engineering. Before you begin fabrication, ensure that the right pieces are in place when it comes to translating the metal design into parts. Then, you can work on the visualization. For instance, consider working on design and before heading to the next phase consider the further phases like engineering, prototyping and then, lastly, fabrication. As is evident, there are many behind the scene activities between design and production. Even if you have an engineer already in the design process, there are many fabricators with leaders on staff who advise engineers on a regular basis in the metal fabrication processes.

Fabricators that promise a lot of potential know what they are doing.

Not really. Just because they have flashy presentations doesn’t mean they are effective. Feel free to ask the fabricator to give you a tour of their facility. If they hesitate, find another. If they show you around, take notice of a messy shop with old equipment. Metal fabricators which never cut corners are most likely to use avant garde technology for your custom project, improving quality as well as efficiency. Also consider collaborating with a full-service fabricator like DCM fabrication that can oversee cutting, forming, assembling, finishing and installing, all under one roof. They also have their own physical space, as well as the tooling and equipment needed to accomplish projects on time.

Galvanization is costly

Due to the recent advances in hot dip galvanization, it has become the most affordable part of custom metal fabrication. This process makes sure that every area of steel, no matter the edges or crevices, are duly coated. Once it is coated, the final product needs little to zero maintenance, which saves money over time. Before you begin galvanizing, your fabrication partner must address all potentially expensive issues like strain-age embrittlement, working components with undue friction, or improper zinc coating.

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