16 Things You Should Never Put In Storage Rental Units In Singapore

People look for storage rental units in Singapore for several reasons. Firstly, they use them to store unused items, such as kayaks or Halloween and Christmas decorations that you only use once a year.

Secondly, storage units become storage for excess things. For example, when people move to a smaller apartment, belongings that can’t fit in the new apartment go to the storage unit.

Thirdly, businesses and offices search for a storage space rental where they can keep their other equipment, such as kiosks, promotional materials, and so on.

Lastly, people use cheap storage in Singapore to store deceased person’s belongings for house clearance. A house should be empty before it hits the market, so people sell a dead person’s belongings or place them temporarily in storage units.

Whatever the reason for leasing storage spaces, tenants should keep in mind the specific items that should not be kept in storage units.

16 Things You Should Never Store In Storage Units

If you think that your self storage in Singapore is somewhat similar to Doraemon’s pocket, where it can store the most unusual things, you are wrong.

Here are the things that you can’t store inside storage units:


1. Money

Never store money or cheques in storage units, no matter how secure the facility is. Unauthorised strangers can still open your space and steal your items. Moisture and pests, such as termites and cockroaches, can also destroy money.

It is better to keep your money in your care. You can also deposit cash, coins, and cheques in a bank, which is the safest option.

2. Jewellery

Jewellery items, such as designer watches, bedazzled rings, necklaces, and brooches, should not be in a storage space rental unit. They can be stolen, destroyed, or forgotten as well.

3. Artwork

Artwork, especially from renowned artists, is considered valuable. Artwork ranges from painting to sculpture. Some storage units may allow less valuable or usual paintings and statues inside as long as they are properly covered and protected. It is better to ask your storage company first regarding their policy for artwork.

4. Heirlooms

Heirlooms may not be equally valuable as the first three mentioned items money-wise, but they may contain sentimental value. Never store heirlooms, such as photographs, old belongings, and others, in storage units. Some storage companies will allow it given that the tenant knows the risks.

5. Confidential document

Confidential documents that include your data, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, IDs, financial records, house titles, and car titles, should be in your care, not storage units.

Hoodlums can steal asset titles which also cost money. Personal records are also at risk of identity theft. Keep them in your home or office where these documents are secured.


6. Gardening chemicals

Many storage units forbid tenants from storing fertilisers and other gardening chemicals. Fertilisers usually contain ammonium nitrate, which can explode when exposed to high temperatures.

7. Other flammable materials

Flammable materials, such as LPG tanks, gasoline, paint, thinner, sprays, bleach, acetone, and alcohol, may not be allowed in many storage units. At high temperatures, these materials can combust, explode, and light up.

8. Pyrotechnics

Many self storage companies in Singapore prohibit pyrotechnics and flares. It increases fire risks and can explode when exposed to heat as well.


9. Illicit and recreational drugs

Illegal drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine, meth, and others, are not allowed in the cheap storage units in Singapore. The storage company can report you to the authorities once they discover illicit and recreational drugs in your storage space.

10. Unregistered medications

There are medications that are legal outside the country but still illegal or unregistered in Singapore. As much as possible, do not store these medications in storage units; otherwise, authorities can seize them.

Moreover, tenants are not advised to store registered medications, such as maintenance drugs, in a storage unit, even for a short period. These drugs should always be accessible to the patient.

11. Unregistered firearms and explosives

Unregistered firearms, including guns, ammunition, and grenades, are not allowed in cheap storage units in Singapore.

Firstly, it is illegal to possess unregistered firearms and explosives.

Secondly, registered and unregistered firearms are at risk of being stolen and used for illegal activities.

Lastly, grenades can explode and injure people and damage properties.

12. Stolen vehicles

Some storage space rental companies do not allow storing transport vehicles, since they are at risk of hot cars being hidden in these facilities. However, some companies still allow storing vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, jet skis, and small dinghy boats, as long as the tenant provides proof of ownership and registration of the equipment. They should also not contain gasoline or any oil in them.


13. Humans

Humans cannot live or reside in a storage unit. Human remains, including cremation urns, may not be stored in storage units as well.

14. Animals

Animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians, cannot be stored in cheap storage units in Singapore, even if food and other items are provided.

However, you can discuss taxidermied animals with your storage company.

15. Plants

There are plenty of reasons why plants should not be stored in storage units. Firstly, storage units do not have the optimum environment for plants to live in. There is no sunlight, water, and humidity.

Secondly, plants may carry various pests, such as termites and cockroaches, which can spread to the storage space and nearby units.

Thirdly, plants can also attract pests from the outside and trigger infestation.

16. Perishable foods

Never store perishable foods, including vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and raw and cooked foods. Beverages, including milk, juice, and soft drinks, are prohibited as well.

On the other hand, preserved food, such as dried and canned goods, may be allowed in storage units as long as they are placed in a secured container.

Foods can attract pests, especially rotten food. They may also emit a fragrance that attracts pests and other animals. It is better to discuss this matter with your self storage company in Singapore.


Are you planning to lease storage space rental units? Make sure not to store these items. Otherwise, you may lose money and assets, be a victim of identity theft, cause accidents and disasters, including fire, and face criminal charges.

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