10 Types Of Video Productions For Business Success

How do you send a message to your audience? Establish your credibility by assuming authority over the subject. The next would be having sufficient knowledge about the topic. Lastly, emotionally appeal to your listeners. That is how you create a compelling narrative that speaks a thousand messages. For businesses, one way to achieve this is by trusting one of the top production houses in Singapore.

You may ask, what does video production have to do with business growth? It lets them tell a convincing story to their clientele. One instance would be the TV commercials you watch while waiting for the next scene of your favourite series. Collaborating with a promising TVC production house in Singapore allows businesses to send a message to their customers – or persuade them to take action.

In this article, let us explore various types of video productions. Here is a guide for companies seeking to stand out in their respective industries.


When companies team up with a production and animation company in Singapore, their main objective is to curate a high-quality production that connects with their audience. There are also endless possibilities because you can conceptualise anything you want, as long as you get the message across. Here are various types of productions that might help you achieve the success you have always wanted.

TV Commercials

The first thing that comes to mind when you say business video productions are TV commercials we almost see every day. It is the most common – and costly – video advertising before the popularity of the internet and mobile devices. They usually run during the break of your favourite news channel or movie as a way to communicate with people about the value of a particular product or service. While it is the most traditional type of production, companies are now focusing on their online exposure instead of television. However, that does not mean hiring a TVC production house in Singapore is a futile job.

Product Videos

With the advent of the internet and smart mobile devices, e-commerce is one growing industry that boasts the convenience of engaging with a business through one click. A production and animation company in Singapore also specialises in curating product videos. The purpose of these videos is to show the consumer an accurate depiction of the product. Instead of a 2-dimensional picture, a product video somehow replicates the experience of shopping in a physical store. The purpose is to give customers the convenience they need – especially in the age of government-mandated quarantines.


Admit it. There is always a sense of excitement tearing the plastic covering and opening the box of a fresh product – especially when you purchase the latest and most advanced mobile phone. Aside from trusting one of the top production houses in Singapore, casual unboxing videos are a way to showcase the quality of your product. They provide an overview of what to expect when purchasing it.

Comparison Videos

I’m sure you have already watched a video about comparing an Android and iOS mobile device. Not only does it give justice to the strengths and weaknesses of both products, but it also lets customers weigh their options. A production and animation company in Singapore can help companies create such videos by adding visual elements to invoke attention from viewers.


Manufacturing a product does not happen overnight. It involves processes ranging from research, development, and creating the item itself. These videos are best for companies who specialise in hand-crafted items or those requiring extra attention when making. So, when collaborating with a TVC production house in Singapore, take them to your factories and record every detailed process. It is also a way of showcasing what contributes to your success.

Company Productions

This type of video production is unique because it centres on the employees and other aspects of the company. Instead of showcasing products and services, companies can create videos about the team behind their successes. Doing this also paints the image of a business that truly values its people and avoids too much hard-selling. Approaching one of the top production houses in Singapore helps you bring this story to life.

Video Blogs

It is also called vlog in modern terms. These are casual videos showing what a person does. Some examples include what they do on a particular day, how they interact with a product, or even showing off their exciting vacations. Companies can send an item to a TVC production house in Singapore or an independent content creator. They would make a video about their daily experience with the product.

Expert Guide

You can also call this a demonstration or manual. This video works well with high-technology electronic devices. One way to effectively do this is by asking an expert in the company to explain the uses of their product. Of course, you should avoid technical terms to cater to every viewer. In short, make things as general as possible. An animation company in Singapore can also create accurate visual depictions of what you want to explain.

Purchasing Guide

Two human beings are different from one another. The same goes with products because they have their respective characteristics. As a company – especially if you have various products for every segment – you can contact a TVC production house in Singaporeto create a purchasing guide video. It orients customers about the differences and helps them narrow down choices. Doing this is also a way of expressing care towards your clients.

Web Series

It is probably a unique video production that most companies are not familiar with. There is a balance between direct selling and telling a convincing story. For example, a furniture company can create short episodes about a homeowner who seeks to transform their home. The narrative can revolve around the qualities of the product that helps people. Also, it is an exciting project for both the business and TVC production house in Singapore.

What is the recipe for business success? Conceptualise compelling rhetoric and communicate it to your intended audience. Get in touch with Zeetrope, a production and animation company in Singapore.

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