10 Modern Office Furniture Must-Haves For Post-Pandemic Working Arrangements

The coronavirus pandemic brought a wave of abrupt and concerning changes to the workplace. All businesses and organisations in every industry had to take extreme measures to keep operations running while a crisis troubles the world. Some companies moved to virtual workspaces, while others redid their commercial office interior design following the Singapore health guidelines.

Now that we are slowly entering the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, office renovation is a must in Singapore. While half of the workforce are still working from their homes, the other half returns to their usual office-based duties this 2021. Business and property owners like you have to rethink your workplace layout because things may not go back to how they were before. We will be living in an uncertain and coronavirus-ridden world in the coming years, and we have to adapt to the changes that have taken place.

To make commercial spaces conducive to work while accommodating the distinctive demands of the coronavirus restrictions, here are ten furniture essentials for your massive office renovation in Singapore:

Ergonomic Chairs

Skip the hard plastic seating and buy an office chair that suits the Singapore 8-hour workload amidst a global pandemic. You and your workers will be facing a lot more challenges during the “new normal,” and back pain should not be one of them. Ergonomic chairs assist the user’s best posture through their flexible frames and adjustable lumbar support. It can also enhance productivity and overall mood because employees will not be troubled by their aching backs and necks.


Adjustable Desks

Along with ergonomic seating, height-adjustable desks encourage high performance through comfort. Adjustable surfaces, such as the standing home or office desk, are well-loved in Singapore for their convenience and versatility. These tables can be raised or lowered according to your workers’ desired height. Adjustable desks also aid in multiple body functions, such as burning calories and lowering blood sugar. Despite being in a health crisis, you will see noticeable growth in productivity by giving your employees a desirable workplace that can clear their minds off pandemic-related anxieties.



Stools are now the ideal and effective seating alternative to humongous sofas in communal spaces. These tall chairs prevent crowding, which is the leading way of the COVID-19 spread. They are also space-saving because of their slender bodies and towering heights. Additionally, stools encourage a change in posture from the typical chair adorning every home and office desk in many Singapore workplaces. If there are no backrests, workers have no option but to straighten their bodies to prevent slouching.



Cubicles can act as protective barriers between workers that can minimise or eliminate coronavirus transmission. During the planning and preparation stage of your office renovation in Singapore, choose dividers that are not too compact and not too far apart. Tight cubicles can restrict airflow, while wide panels do not provide a space-saving solution. Moreover, cubicles give employees a dedicated space to work that eliminates distractions. They can focus on finishing their tasks more efficiently by muffling bothersome disturbances.


Personal Workstations

If you’re not keen on having cubicles, you can make a plan for your commercial office interior design in Singapore that involves personal workstations. Much like cubicles, they give employees a dedicated workspace—but without isolating them too much. It also won’t hinder communication between team members because they are all out in the open. It can also give your employees a sense of connection with their colleagues, something that we all lacked during the long months of lockdown. Even with a long row of workstations, your staff can still stay protected from COVID-19 through the panels installed between individual workspaces.


Lounge Seating

You can still stimulate collaboration among your employees by hosting meetings at the lounge. But instead of the typical cotton upholstery, opt for seating that requires uncomplicated sanitation. Buy a microfiber office lounge chair in Singapore over leather sofas that can be damaged after months of daily disinfection. You should also consider owning modular or sectional seating to control how employees, clients, and other stakeholders are spread around the lounge area.


Multi-Purpose Tables

Since fewer workers will be reporting to your office in the coming months to years, you do not need to have rows after rows of tables and chairs that will end up dusty and unused. Plan your office renovation in Singapore while keeping multi-purpose and space-saving items in mind, such as tables. Instead of having a separate table for the lounge and the meeting room, you can have a single surface that gets transferred to various rooms when needed. You can even use those tiny coffee tables as meeting desks to avoid crowding.


Versatile Chairs

Along with tables, consider owning a few chairs that can be moved to various locations of your office during different occasions. You can buy an office chair in Singapore that turns conference seating whenever needed. Be creative when planning the “new norm” interior design of your work or commercial space and keep in mind that you do not need an excessive amount of furniture to make things work.


Acoustic Panels

Aside from being a sound barrier, acoustic panels double as a protective wall to limit viral transmission. When making a layout for the commercial office interior design of your Singapore workspace, pinpoint which areas will benefit from acoustic panels such as high-traffic spaces like the “bullpen,” or the open floor where employees work. These panels can absorb the chatter of your workers so everyone can finish their duties without loud distractions.


Storage Spaces

Sanitation is vital in minimising the chance of object contamination from COVID-19. To keep things organised, you can install a row of secure cabinets at the entrance of your workplace during your office renovation in Singapore. These closed shelves will hold all items that need disinfection. You can also add a couple of storage spaces underneath your employees’ desks to keep any harmful particles contained in a single, small area.

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