10 marketing ideas to successfully market your Recruiting Agencies

The recruiting landscape is poised to rise in 2019. With technology acting as a critical driver to achieve better outcome as well as to adapt to the changing hiring scenario, recruiting agencies anticipate a 34% rise in their hiring budget and a 31% rise in hiring volume this year. Spends on technology alone are expected to jump by 52% as 23% of recruitment firms rank automation as their top priority. Since technology is to be used to managing human capital of these companies as well as for sourcing candidates, 72% of firms are set to increase their technology budgets.

Riding on the wave of the new segments in staffing such as flexi and temporary staffing in addition to permanent staffing, the recruitment industry is expected to show a growth rate of 15%. This growth rate rise is driven by a positive outlook on hiring from 64% of employers and the entry of industries such as e-commerce and insurance and the cyclical needs of engineering and IT companies to meet outsourcing needs. The contract hiring model used to test talent will further impact the growth rate. Strategic use of traditional and emerging marketing avenues ensure marketing success.

Print marketing

To use the traditional print media to enhance reputation, advertise in spaces your target audience goes to for authentic information. Primary sponsorship of industry events and conferences can expand outreach to companies searching for information. Press releases sent to relevant industry publications signal high credibility. Brochure printing, signage printing and presentation folder are some of the means to increase exposure.


Though the telemarketing strategy has fallen from its earlier position of grace, quite a few recruiters still resort to cold calling as a telemarketing tool for recruitment. To make the strategy work in your favor, do a thorough and in depth research into the company or candidate you want to approach. Lining up a limited number of candidates before approaching a company through a cold call would make your agency stand out in the crowd of callers. It is important to have an opening script that focuses on the client’s benefit and to have open ended questions regarding the job ready at hand.

E-mail marketing

About 51% of recruiting agencies use E-mail marketing. It has been found to be an effective way to reach target audiences. However, it is important for you to keep a few points in mind while using emails. Recipients are now more aware of their rights with regard to consent and there is high chance of the mail landing in the spam box. Outstanding mails that attract attention are personalized, have effective designs that include Call for Action and lots of white space, and most importantly, have engaging subject lines. It is a good idea to use analytics to review CTA to build up your own mailing lists.


Both candidates and companies research the internet for information regarding recruitment. To be visible to the world you need a business website. A well designed website is the first requirement in the present digital world. To use the website as a successful marketing tool it is imperative to regularly update the content. Recruitment Agencies have the opportunity to tap into this to promote their services. It combines advantages of speed, and flexibility. Your online presence turns you from being a local player into being a global one opening up untapped markets.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for your website. It brings your web page to the top of search results for your relevant keywords so as to increase traffic to your site. As a marketing tool this increases visibility and generates a greater pool of candidates for you while simultaneously bringing the agency to the notice of companies looking for candidates to fill their job requirements. On page SEO for staffing and recruiting websites will help optimize it as per search engine requirements.

Paid ads

Paid ads on social networking sites like Face Book are another strategic avenue for recruitment agencies to market their services. The large number of users opens up viewership and makes reaching target audiences easy. The targeted messages of paid ads have great potential. Your agency also avoids crowded platforms and cuts through clutter to reach suitable candidates. Start your oh recruiting google ads campaign with top digital marketing agency London today.

Social media marketing

Investing in social media advertising brings good returns. While LinkedIn remains the most favored website, it is important to try out other more recent platforms to remain ahead in the competitive race of recruitment agencies vying for space. Face book has launched job opening features to challenge LinkedIn. Google has set up its independent search engine for job search. Twitter too can be used for outreach. GitHub reaches candidates more willing to respond to outreach. Gitswalk caters to candidates in need of re-skilling

Referral and word of mouth

Referrals and word of mouth are another useful strategy in successful marketing. These reduce the time to locate and screen candidates. The need for data scanning and analytics is eliminated. It depends on recruiting agencies excavating their records to trace old candidates with experience.

Electronic media marketing

Radio and television can be an out of the box option for the advertising needs of agencies. Both the electronic media have a wide reach and can be good ways to reach different categories of candidates at one go. By using the radio and television gets the agency’s name out beyond active job seekers and helps create and promote brand. The electronic media could be ideal for a time sensitive recruiting event and could bring in responses from more candidates. Finally, in case the agency has a creative resource crunch radio can come in handy as radio vendors create the spot and get it on air within a short span of time.

With the number of recruitment agencies ever on the increase it is imperative to evolve and sharpen marketing strategies to make one stand out in the crowd. Swift and constant changes in technology open up new avenues for devising these strategies and remain relevant in a competitive environment.

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